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This wiki is for the custom game "HM RPG" played on Warcraft III:The Frozen Throne. Information gathered here was taken from the english translated copy of the game, and the guide made by DGD-Kamina on the HM RPG English community forum.

General information

HM RPG is a grind-heavy Korean RPG map that focuses on grinding bosses rather than mobs at all stages of the game.


  1. Game Commands
  2. Warehouse (Chicken)
  3. Map Info
  4. Heroes
  5. Item List
  6. Shoppes
  7. Dungeons
  8. Arena
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Game start

New hero

When the game begins you choose a hero. Click on one hero and you can read its description. Every hero has a number. To select a hero type -select following the heroe's number. Example:

- select 14

Loading a saved hero

This works in two following commands

First enter the following command:

- load

After that you enter your savecode.

Basics of gameplay

Go into dungeons and defeat creeps and bosses to earn experience and resources. In many dungeons you can earn items to strengthen you hero. Those items define your hero's capabilities in this RPG, they multiply them. For example you find items that give you +1500000 strength in later game.

Most items will be combined to stronger ones. So you generally should get all items you can find in a shop. This should answer the question which items you should get next in the most cases.

To help you started, shops and dungeons have numbers in their names. You should start with the 'Step 1' shop and then continue with 'Step 2' shop and so on.

The first dungeons show appropriate character levels. The first dungeon is 'Ogre Village' with an appropriate level of 6, when you level up you should try dungeons with higher levels.

There is always a range limit, you cannot enter dungeons which are way to high or to low for you.

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